Erik Woestehoff

Walt Disney Family Museum


The Walt Disney Family Museum is located in the Presidio near the Golden Gate Bridge and provides a vivid insight into the life of the man and his creations. The WDFM tasked us with recreating their curated museum experience in a site that would entice educators and aspiring animators to come and see it in-person.


Ease of Use

The client had requested that the use of its admissions and calendar events were to take priority over the gallery sections. Usability of ticket purchase and discoverability of events was the primary problem facing the museum. I was tasked with creating mulitiple solutions for the admissions and calendar pages. The preference focused itself around a weekly view with events listed below. This was a huge improvement over the previous site.


The Gallery Experience

One of the main tasks was to provide a gallery-to-gallery recreation of the museum. A comprehensive selection of photos were comissioned and selected. The gallery provides a full-screen play-by-play of the museum in an easily navigatable window. 


The Field Trip Experience

One of the major goals of the site was to give a fairly transparent overview of the museum for educators and enthusiasts. Nothing will beat the experience of seeing items of Walt Disney's creations in person. This site was created to emulate that experience and provide insight in order to make a well-informed decision.