Erik Woestehoff

Hidden Valley Dip Genius


Preceding the Hidden Valley Landing Page site was a concept developed to help the consumer make recipe decisions. We were tasked with a basic prompt to inspire users to use their creativity and find their way to a recipe that they can use time and time again.


Start with a theme

Hidden Valley wanted a page on their site that would be a A-B-C of recipe discovery. Our solution was a set of tumblers asking one larger themed question, and two more that were tailored to taste. The result was one with mutliple results. Utilizing a growing database of Hidden Valley Recipes, we were able to set up keywords to reinvigorate viewings to these pages.


How to Play

I was tasked with the consolidation of icons and the use of an introductory page. One of the more creative aspects of the project was utilizing emojis as indicators of taste. Both were great excercises in looking outside the box of recipes and generating a solution that is funt to use.