Erik Woestehoff

Juniper Networks


Juniper Networks is a multinational corporation that develops and markets networking products and solutions. The team at Swirl has been tasked with a comprehensive redesign of This currently includes creating a system of modules that may be repurposed on a variety of pages in a variety of different configurations. Secondary to that task is creating a new system of icons, as well as updating product information pages and implementing illustrations in order to convey product functionality. This project is currently in progress.


Language of hierarchy

For the past 5 months, the team has been assembling a comprehensive table of tiles to be used in a variety of different areas. A four tiled system may be used for articles as well as videos, and in some cases links to product pages. The emphasis has been placed on discovering each category and digesting information by hierarchy. It is the principle that drives the design of 2.0.


Branded Assets

Juniper Networks and Swirl have created a library of icons whose style has carried across to the website. I was tasked with taking exisitng design language and evolving it to accommodate's growing library of system icons. I was also tasked with creating illustrations for specific product functionality.


Comprehensive Instances

One of the larger demands of the client was to creat an existing library of instances for each module created. The example below lists video links in the instance of there being two, three, and so on. This need for a listed view of examples was a challenge, but will benefit the user during implementation.