Erik Woestehoff

Hidden Valley


Hidden Valley is a subsidiary of Clorox brands which produces Ranch Dressing, as well as other sauces used for salads and recipes. In mid-2016 our team was tasked with refreshing the homepage of the flagship site to position Hidden Valley as a recipe-first solution to consumer needs. This campaign followed others produced by the agency to provide "Inspiration, Recipes, and Products" in order to provide the user ideas resulting in an easy purchase decision.


Bookend Solution

I introduced the use of colored "cook book spines" denoting the three areas of interest of the site. The system would be carried across to the menu system and pages of each category. The feel of openess, utilizing large recipe photo, while conveying a sense of the use of recipe cards were the driving principles of the design.


Style Guide

I was also tasked with providing a comprehensive style guide for elements of the page to be used moving forward. From the designation of breakpoints to the style of the photography used in the photos, it is a comprehensive list of Hidden Valley's new landing page look-and-feel. The guide can be found below.


Project Status

The new landing page is displayed at


Proof of concept I created using After Effects.