Erik Woestehoff

Burt's Bees


Burt's Bees is an "Earth friendly, Natural Personal Care Company." Beginning in May of 2016, our team was tasked with updating the look and feel of the site. The goal was to move away from the "earthly aesthetic" and modernize the site to something more fashion-conscious and friendly. Refinements on the menu system, as well as the account and shopping experience, were a primary focus.


Leveraging Existing UX

One of the challenges of modernizing the site was to keep existing functionality of the previous version while providing the new aesthetic. I was tasked to focus on the account pages and the shopping cart experience. Better solutions were implemented after discovering that the existing sign in screen would pull users out wherever they were and pushed to the accounts page. This was a problem when checking out. This hover sign-in screen was implemented to remedy the problem.



Focusing on a strong implementation of icons helped to guide the user through
an otherwise monotonous account page experience. A mass of existing clutter was removed in favor of a more simplified experience. In terms of responsive design, this provided an elegant solution when engaging with a larger or smaller screen experience. 


From Mobile to Desktop

Following the same method for the account pages, the shopping experience took cues from the mobile version and provided more visible breathing room. The challenge of providing a more concise design while leveraging existing functionality was difficult. The implementation of a cleaner system helped unify the entire site, and provide the user with a coherent path to accomplish their goals.


Project Status

The project is currenly live on